Air Conditioner Maintenance – Essential Aspects

Air conditioners require maintenance from time to time not just because that they function in an optimum manner but also due to the fact that an air conditioner that has been well maintained is energy efficient too. Prior to getting  into the depth of the AC maintenance, a small example will make it clear.

It is known that air conditioners have filters that filter out the air, which gives the cooling/heating effect. Due to prolonged use and especially when these filters are not cleaned properly, dust piles up and blocks the small perforations in the filters, which hinder the smooth filtering of air. As a result of which the service of the air conditioning unit appears to be compromised. But due to regular maintenance if these filters are cleaned and dust particles that block the filters cleared, the quality of air will be much better. So, it is important to maintain your air conditioners regularly. Let us see how a maintenance checklist can be drawn that will help you to keep track of the air conditioning maintenance schedule.

Why is an AC maintenance checklist necessary?

First of all, it is important to understand what a checklist basically is in the context of AC systems. When checklist for AC maintenance is taken into account, it can be safely said that this checklist will allow the owner of the AC to keep track of the different parts of the AC that requires a thorough check up during the course of a maintenance session. Not only that, this particular checklist will also help the technician to check the various parts that need to be tested when the air conditioning system maintenance work is underway.

Unless you opt for regular maintenance in due course you will find that you have to shell out a lot more  extra as energy bills. How? For instance, as mentioned above, unless the air filters are cleaned from time to time, it will use up more electricity to cool or heat the room.

Most importantly, there might be few parts of the AC that require replacement. Unless you regularly inspect the AC units, you might end up spending a fortune on the part if it gets damaged. So, the damage that you could have arrested earlier will compel you to spend a fortune on it later if it is not detected and rectified on time.

Contents of the AC maintenance checklist

What does a typical checklist comprise? Let us find out. It comprises the following points-

  • Thermostats
  • Safety controls
  • Drain line
  • Air filter
  • Program thermostats
  • Belt tension
  • Motor bearings
  • Capacitors
  • Starter contacts
  • Blower motors
  • Ventilation systems
  • Electrical connectors
  • Air temperatures
  • Dampers
  • Check sir flow
  • Refrigerant

The points mentioned above are just few of the parts that need to be checked and tested. The technician should be able to detect and identify any problem related to the air conditioning appliance if it fails to function in an optimum manner.

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