Air Conditioning Down Under- A Bird’s Eye View

Air conditioning implies that it conditions an area or space to optimise the temperature of that space. In other words, this appliance can cool an area and also heat it. The main aim of air conditioning is to make the space comfortable and they are used in residential as well as commercial set up. Down Under, residential air conditioners are also known as heat pumps. Since the year 1987, these appliances were required to be MEPS or Minimum Energy Performance Standards compliant.

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Air conditioning types

Basically, you will come across 4 types that are widely used in Australia and New Zealand. Let us delve deeper into the 4 types in the paragraphs that follow.

  • Ducted System- As far as energy labelling is concerned, it is mandatory for this type of appliances. They are set up in specific zones or areas of the house and they are capable of heating as well as cooling the areas for which they have been set up. The conditioning of the air is usually done through ducts and hence the name of the system.
  • Window ACs – These cooling devices are usually installed into windows. They can also be installed or mounted on walls. In these types of appliances, the indoor as well as the outdoor unit, is not separate and they are present in the same unit. This is in sharp contrast to the split AC systems, where the outdoor as well as indoor units, are separate.
  • Split system – These are not ducted and do not have the indoor and outdoor units in the same appliance rather there is an outdoor unit comprising the compressor and condenser and an indoor unit, which is mounted on the wall.
  • Multi Split AC systems – Unlike a single split AC system, where there is only one outdoor and indoor unit, in this arrangement, there is only one outdoor unit but there are multiple indoor units that can heat or cool the specific areas as per their requirement.

Are there any regulatory norms pertaining to ACs in Australia?

As far as air conditioning is concerned, there are few regulatory norms that govern the use of ACs. The non ducted category of air conditioners that are used for household purposes are usually regulated for energy ratings.

Ducted air conditioners that have a capacity of up to 65kW for cooling are governed by the MEPS. This applies for both single as well as three-phase ducted air conditioning appliances. It may be mentioned here that while single phase AC systems are used for residential areas mostly, the larger 3 phase AC systems are used for industrial purposes and are subject to regulation by the MEPS energy labelling system since the year 2001.

It is important that the air conditioners are regulary maintained from time to time and for this purpose it is essential to settle for a service company that knows their job well and will also do justice to your hard earned money. In order to track the maintenance schedule, it is best to workout a checklist for the same.

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