Air Conditioning Management Norms in Australia

If you are planning to invest in Panasonic air conditioning units, prior to shelling out your hard earned money, it is important to find out whether or not the AC unit you are buying is compliant with the minimum energy performance standards. In fact, any vendor that sells an AC that does not comply with the MEPS is illegally operating his business. If the AC system is MEPS compliant, you can be assured that you will have to pay a reasonable amount as energy bill. This is because energy efficient air conditioning systems will eat up less electricity to cool or heat the rooms.

Air conditioning usage regulations for new residential properties

The new homes that are being built in Australia will have to comply with the so called “6 star thermal performance energy efficient standard”. If the thermal performance is optimum, the energy that is required to heat or cool an area will be much less. Apart from that every effort is made by the local government in tandem with the South Australian government so that these new homes that are being constructed adhere to the “Building Code of Australia”.

As per statistical data and survey conducted, it was recorded in the year 2014 that if a homeowner that has an AC installed and uses up as much as 5kW of energy will eventually incur an extra expense of $1000 annually. This is in sharp contrast to a homewoner that does not have an AC installed. This will cause the homeower with the air conditioning unit to shell out approximately $350 extra as network costs. This observation was recorded by the Australian Energy Market Commission.

A shocking revelation!

The Energy White Paper 2012 of the Australian government indicates that if an individual buys an air conditioning unit, it can attract an expense of approximately $1500 if he is installing a 2kW air conditioner but the energy that will be used up by that very unit to cover up cost for electricity is approximately $7000. As such, in the event the air conditioner energy is reduced, the cost of electricity that will be used up and that which will be supplied for running the AC unit will also be less also taking into account the greenhouse as emissions.

Improving efficiency of air conditioning units

According to the experts and the professionals that are operating in this industry, one of the best ways to improve efficiency of these appliances is by regularly maintaining these heating and cooling devices. It is best to schedule a maintenance date for the air conditioning units in the house from time to time so that the appliances can be checked for wear and tear, defects, and damages. Properly maintained appliances work at their optimum level, which in turn helps in using the AC units in an energy efficient manner. Most importantly, emphasising on energy efficiency has a very big advantage and that will be evident when you will have to shell out less as electricity bills every month.

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