How to Minimize Noise Emanating from Air Conditioners?

Although it might appear to be a trifle matter but noise labelling will show how noise issues arising from the use of appliances like air conditioning units can be a nagging problem for many households and their neighbours. There are several instances, when air conditioning systems surpass the permissible noise levels as a result of which severe penalty could be imposed on the owner of these cooling/heating units.

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Noise from air conditioning units is regulated

As a result of this, local city authorities have regulated the effects of noise that arise from air conditioning units used for residential usage by enforcing the so called Environmental Protection Regulations 1997 section 48A of Environment Protection Act 1970. The regulation lays down certain norms pertaining to the use of air conditioning units. In the event, there is excessive noise from an appliance that exceeds the permissible noise level, the neighbours will have the right to complain to the councils. These local councils will in turn warn the owner of the AC unit. On several instances, spot fines have been imposed on the owner too. These hazards can be overcome to a great extent if these AC units are installed in a sensible manner and at the same time adhering to the norms of the local councils.

Ways to minimise noise levels from AC units

There are few ways in which you will be able to reduce the noise levels when the AC units run. These are given below-

  • Installing the AC units- It is best not to install the AC unit close to your neighbour’s house, preferably close to their bedroom and living rooms. If you opt for split AC units, you will be in a better position to prevent noise from reaching your neighbours’ house as these units offer flexibility as far as installation is concerned as the indoor and the outdoor units can be installed at a distance.
  • Installing acoustic barriers – This has proved to be effective to a great extent. Many AC owners set up barriers that are made of solid surfaces. This blocks out the noise and does not allow it to reach the neighbour’s area. However, an important aspect that you ought to keep in mind is that when you set up such a barrier, the barrier should essentially be made up of solid surface (material) and should be devoid of gaps and holes, which will allow noise to pass through easily.
  • Regular maintenance – If you religiously opt for frequent maintenance work and get your air conditioning unit checked by technician, you can check the noise level and assess whether the AC unit is exceeding the permissible noise level. This is in fact, one of the best ways to steer clear of any trouble that might arise from noise emanating from your air conditioning units.
  • Enclosures for AC units – Another way to keep noise from ACs reaching the neighbours is by investing in AC enclosures. In Australia, there are many AC manufacturers that will also provide enclosures for the units that effectively reduce noise to a great extent.
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